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White space can appear in any part of the design and should serve as a tool to enhance usability from the top of the page to the bottom and throughout secondary pages. White space is always occurring in a design from the moment you open up a blank document the design has begun with white space.

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There are two types of white space the undefined white space which is what you get when you open a new document and active white space which occurs when an object is place in undefined white space.

White space design principle examples. White space can be any area within a design that is free from text images or embellishments. It s big picture white space easier to notice. Unlike micro white space macro white space acts as a container of the overall design.

White space is a very important design element just as all the. The space between ui elements can be used to indicate a relationship or distinction depending on how much is applied. It s simply the space in a design and it can have any color texture or pattern.

From using white space in headers footers between menus between images and information texts and sidebars here you will see great examples of whites space usage in web design. A cluttered ui is the web equivalent of white noise. Designers love it because it can help create grouping add emphasis and improve legibility.

White space adds dimension to your designs especially when related to type. In web design we refer to it as white space. Maintaining an optimum level of white space in the design composition and creating a balance will only come by experience and practice.

The human eye has a natural tendency to see closed shapes. Remember that white space doesn t need to be white it may be any color as long as it is empty. In graphic design white space refers to the space that surrounds the elements.

Here s why white space is a subtle principle and how it can help boost the impact of your designs. The application of white space is both art and science. However this space is neither white nor negative.

White space less commonly known as negative space is crucial to a website s ui layout. The white space around a logo for example is carefully considered to ensure that the integrity of its design isn t compromised at a small scale. What is white space.

Negative space breaks your design elements down into discrete chunks so you don t overwhelm your reader s eye. Without white space design brilliant artwork goes unnoticed all elements are smothered and graphic design drowns in a puddle of. This makes it easier for them to process the information you re presenting.

The threshold is that all white space actually could be white but the designer has chosen to create the visual in another way while still using the principles of space. White space isn t literally an empty space it s a powerful design tool. You may find the term negative space here and there indicating the exact same thing.

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