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And look up docking tutorial. International space station series of missions for the current space station.

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Building a space station tutorial part 1 i show you how to build a core module and send it into orbit then build another module to rendezvous and dock with.

Space station design ksp. Youtube ksp space station design. Rocket and probe design. In this episode of kerbal engineering we will be showing the first step in how to make a space station in ksp the design.

Space stations are often used as refueling depots. Along with landing on eeloo having a large mun base and making an interplanetary satellite link coverage system building an orbital space station is one of the most ambitious things to do in kerbal space program. Mars one first colony on mars consisting of four.

The high level of realism in kerbal space program allows to recreate historical current and future missions of human spaceflight. In order to make a good space stat. I ve not managed to work out a way to get the rings up yet.

Rockets proton rocket family russian launchers. The proton rocket family had 7 4 meter diameter fuel tanks but we do not so i just used 4 large sized tanks to make the diameter 7 5 meters but however this causes problems as it has nothing surrounding the small tanks so i used a few modular girder segment xl. A dedicated station s fuel capacity can be far greater than that of any single ship and holding large amounts of fuel already in orbit can greatly influence the design.

I used hyperedit for those they each weigh about 200 tonnes and don t survive high accelerations. Here s my standard station design in orbit around the mun. Some of the parts of the station like the nodal module have not yet been launched.

1 point 2 years ago edited 2 years ago. It needs a lot of. Everything apart from the massive space rings was flown up and docked.

Cheat sheet a ksp rocket scientist s cheat sheet. It has a central core module consisting of a rockomax hubmax with a rc l01 on one node a large advanced reaction wheel on another z 4k batteries on. Jul 10 2017 explore garrett slider s board ksp space station on pinterest.

For example if a station is placed in mun orbit a lander can dock to the station and take some fuel or monopropellant to refill its own tanks for landing and return. See more ideas about space station kerbal space program space program.

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