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Persian rugs in rococo interior design. The rococo style in the interior design of houses apartments or salon reflects the desire of premises owners to emphasize the high status and excellent taste expressed in love for detail in a carefully thought out combination of furniture and interior design the.

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Rococo style in interior design the decorative arts painting architecture and sculpture that originated in paris in the early 18th century.

Rococo interior design elements. What elements do these styles have in common. Clocks picture frames mirrors mantel pieces and candlesticks were some of the useful objects beautified to become. Rococo is a style that was used in interior design and the arts by artists and designers but not by architects.

The rococo originated as a form of interior design and it was a style that focused mainly on interiors. The baroque era spanned the 17 th century however the rococo era lasted from the 1730s to the 1760s which was during the time of louis xv. In the rococo period a one story salon was the standard as overall rooms were designed to be smaller because people wanted to be more intimate and were not as concerned with impressing their guests.

The elegant flirty luxurious and playful rococo style is ideal for exquisite bedrooms chamber salons cozy living rooms. Baroque and rococo function form and utility. Here are a few examples of what the lesson covers.

Compare rococo style to other major schools of interior design like art deco bauhaus italian rococo gothic and brutalism. Where the baroque style was dramatic bold and grand with contrasting colours the rococo was light playful and delicate with gentle shades of pastel colours. It is characterized by lightness elegance and an exuberant use of curving natural forms in ornamentation.

During the 1700s a highly ornamental style of art furniture and interior design became popular in france. Called rococo the lavish style combined the delicacy of french rocaille with italian barocco or baroque details. It became especially popular in germany and austria.

Who aristocrats hired to fill. The grand geometric and curvy designs of persian carpets fit well into this style and became important elements of the interior design. Early rococo design began in paris and later spread throughout the rest of france and beyond.

Italian rococo interior design was in essence copied from that of the régence and louis xv styles. Strengthen your knowledge of this style by reviewing the lesson titled rococo interior design. Regardless it was a shorter stylistic period.

In the baroque a two story salon large central space separate from private quarters for living and specifically entertaining was common. However some elements were changed and cities such as sicily and venice produced especially unusual rococo furniture. The grace and charm of rococo furnishing succeeded the heavy and imposing baroque style.

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